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The heat and glow of our longer Summer days is now upon us. Sunburn, hotdogs, the Fourth of July, baseball,
and vacations are the Summer stuff of Americans, along with drum corps shows while beginning the new marching band season.

The Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is at its greenest moment. Snowmelt swells the streams and rivers
that are a blessing for the farmers in the plains below, as well as our forests that need constant replenishing.
During this time, Scott Hickey ImPressions looks ahead to all of its bands across the country who are now
learning music their directors have selected, to make the upcoming Fall season enjoyable, educational, and yes, successful.
If you are a parent of such children, enjoy the moment! My oldest daughter Dawn and her husband Jim are about
to do just that, as they embark upon a new set of challenges with their freshman marching band kids - Alexa, Brenna, and Connor!
So good luck to all of your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends in their most exciting endeavor to date!



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